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How long will it be before I receive my accident claims compensation payment?

This will depend upon the case. Many accident claims are settled within a few months, others can take longer such as clients with severe injuries, but our expert no win no fee solicitors will bring the matter to a conclusion as efficiently as possible. Also should you require,we try and obtain interim payments to ease any financial hardship that you may have endured because of your accident..


How much compensation will I receive?

The amount of accident claims compensation you receive will depend upon the type and severity of injury or injuries that you have suffered.. In addition to the compensation for the personal injury we can also claim compensation for other items, including loss of earnings or profit,  any medical treatment costs, out of pocket expenses, damage to any property or personal items. Once you have had your free initial consultation our no win no fee solicitors will be able to advise you as to the likely amount of accident claims compensation you will receive.


I have had an accident resulting in personal injury, do I have a claim?

Following your free initial consultation by one of our accident claims experts we will be able to provide you with advice as to whether you have a claim. You have no obligation to continue any further with a compensation claim for your accident or personal injury.


My accident happened sometime ago, will this affect my claim for personal injury compensation?

Accident Claim Solicitors will look at your case if your accident occurred within the last  years.


Will I have to go for a medical examination?

Yes you will. It is standard practice to obtain a medical report following accident claims resulting in personal injury. We will arrange the examination with a Doctor or Consultant close to your home. If you are unable to attend an appointment we can usually arrange a home visit. The examination is arranged at your convenience and does not take very long.


Will I have to pay any costs resulting from my claim for compensation?

Your case would be run on a “No win No fee” agreement. If you win then we will recover our costs from the third party. If you lose then you will not have to pay our fees. We will clearly explain the process to you at your initial consultation.


Will I have to visit your office?

If you want to arrange a face to face meeting to discuss your personal  injury claim then one of our no win no fee solicitors would be happy to see you. If you do not wish to see us then you do not have to. Most contact is by telephone, letters and email to avoid any inconvenience for you. If you want us to visit you at home then we would be happy to discuss arrangements.



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