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Accident Claims Process

Once you contact Accident Claim Solicitors one of our experienced claims solicitors follow an accident claims process and will need some basic facts about your accident.

These may include:

Injury claim

    • Time and date of the accident
    • How many people involved
    • Location of the accident
    • Nature of injuries sustained
    • Whether any medical attention has been had
    • If there is any liability contention
    • Information about any witnesses that may have been present at the time of the accident
    • Details of the third party involved – For example if roadside then:
      • Name of all parties involved
      • Insurance details

The third party will then be contacted and advised of our intention to bring a claim on your behalf. Throughout the accident claims process we will also explain why we think they are liable for the accident. A fact finding process in regards to the accident will then begin. This will also include collecting witness statements and other relevant information about the accident. A medical will also be arranged if required.

From this point of the accident claims process, we will handle discussions with the third party on your behalf. At this stage these are the possible outcomes:

  • The third party may make an offer of compensation which all the parties will agree is acceptable. To reach this figure some negotiation may have taken place.
  • A small number of cases may proceed to court, however this happens very rarely as this increases any solicitors fees that the third party may be left with if your claim is successful
  • In some circumstances, further investigation into the circumstances surrounding the accident may show that the claim is not valid. This is infrequent and in any case we will discuss the reasons with you.

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