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Accident Claims – Rehabilitation

Here at Accident Claim Solicitors we empathise that monetary compensation is just one part of the personal injury claims process and that there is a more important personal welfare issue at hand. This is why we have a wide network of rehabilitation providers to ensure that our clients and their families receive the maximum support that they deserve. Out accident claims specialist will do all they can to help them improve their quality of life after a accident.

Accident Claim Solicitors – Rehabilitation

At Accident Claims Solicitors we have a wide range of legal and medical experts across the UK who will help you with your rehabilitation process. Any rehabilitation will be planned, assessed and customised to suit your personal injury. Here are some of the programs that this may include:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Psychiatric Evaluation
  • Nursing Requirements
  • Care Home Attention
  • Medical Attention
  • Accomodation 

Personal Injury Claims – Rehabilitation

The severity and type of personal injury that you have sustained will determine the type of rehabilitation that you require. Some accident claims only offer minor injuries while others could be more serious and life threatening so therefore will require a significant amount of on going care. The cost of rehabilitation all depends on who was at fault for the injury. If liability for the accident claim was admitted by the 3rd partys insurance company then will be liable for all the medical or rehabilitation costs. If however it is contested then we can obtain a court order and force them to provide the funds required to cover any costs.  

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