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Here is the No Win No Fee 100% Risk Free Guarantee from Accident Claim Solicitors.


YOU will… call us for free and receive free consultation and professional advice in relation to your personal injury claim.

ACS will… listen to and understand your position, answer any questions you have and provide specialist advice to guide you on the best options available to your personal circumstances at all times. This will be done on a completely confidential and no obligation basis.

ACS will… be happy to act for you on a NO WIN NO FEE basis. This means that there is minimum financial risk to you and will reassure you that we have an enormous amount of confidence in your case succeeding. We will also devote 100% of our professional resources to ensuring that you receive the outcome you deserve from your claim.

ACS will… build a solid foundation for the success of your claim by gathering all of the relevant information and evidence and create a personalised and detailed case plan for ensuring the best outcome for your claim. You will receive weekly updates about your claim via telephone, letter or email, depending on your preference.

ACS will… instruct our nationwide network of consultants, surgeons, professors, doctors, psychiatrists, rehabilitation professionals and physiotherapists to ensure that you receive only high level medical attention at convenient venues which are within 5 miles of your home or work address to support your claim.

ACS will… instruct leading barristers, who regularly provide complex and deeply researched legal opinions. These barristers are a team of experienced specialists who excel in winning court hearings to represent you at no cost to you. We will also instruct specialist experts who are accident engineers, vehicle collision specialists or specialists in their chosen field to provide expert evidence to support your claim, again, at no cost to you.

ACS will… ensure that you receive specialist and tailored advice in relation to managing your compensation.

ACS will… ensure that your claim is dealt with in a highly professional manner with an emphasis on ensuring that you are not waiting an unnecessarily long time to receive compensation.

YOU will… receive the maximum level of compensation in the quickest timescale possible to ensure that you are not left in a financially disadvantaged position longer than is necessary.

ACS will… offer support and help and getting you back to your normal everyday life even after compensation is paid. We understand that you are the victim and that you have been wronged and that you deserve to have your life put back on track without any unnecessary delays.

ACS will… ensure that you are not left to wonder how best to manage the sum you have been awarded for your compensation. We will provide you with specialist advice in relation to trusts, funds and investment solutions to ensure that you obtain the maximum financial benefit from your compensation.


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