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Accident at Work Claims

At Accident Claim Solicitors, our accident at work claims solicitors know that an accident at work can be a traumatic experience and will help and advise you during every step of your compensation claims.

Our accident at work claims solicitors handle all types of accident at work claims on a no win no fee basis. Our accident claim solicitors claim our fees from the employers’ liability insurance, but only after they have won your accident at work claim.

Types of Accident at Work Claims


Here are some examples of accidents at work from which you could make accident at work claims:

  • Tripping over cable
  • Electrocuted from unsafe wires
  • Slipping over spillages
  • Chemical intoxication
  • Injury from company not providing correct work wear or safety equipment

Have Accident at Work Claims?

Once you have provided us with the details about you accident then our accident claim solicitors can assess your claim at no cost to you.

Employers in the UK have a duty of care to ensure that their workplace meets minimum safety standards. You may have been provided with faulty equipment or you may have received inadequate training for your job. If you’ve had an accident at work and sustained an injury that could otherwise have been prevented, you can make an accident at work claim for compensation.

Accident Claim Solicitors are specialists in dealing with accident at work claims representing the employees of all types of businesses ranging from small businesses through to large multinational companies. Every year our solicitors recover accident at work compensation for victims of an accident at work.

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