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Traumatic Brain Injury Claims

A traumatic brain injury is arguably the most serious and life threatening injury one can get. Brain Injuries can be caused in many different ways, such as car accident, accident at work, road traffic accident, medical negligence and even something precarious like a slip or trip fall.

Effects of Traumatic Brain Injuries


Here are some of the effects of brain injury and what traumatic brain injury claims can be made for:

  • Serious brain damage
  • Memory loss
  • Physical disability
  • Poor Concentration

How to make a Traumatic Brain Injury Claims

Unfortunately a traumatic brain injury compensation claim may not be as straight forward as you may like. The compensation claim that you are looking to make could be for yourself or a brain injury for a relative. The change to lifestyle, the cost, the financial strain can be overwhelming, getting involved in a legal battle is often a daunting and unwelcome additional strain.  Our personal injury solicitors help  individuals make the right decisions and the legal battle is to secure compensation that helps you deal with the changes to lifestyle and the financial impacts.

Our specialist personal injury solicitors deal with brain injury compensation claim in cases where a person has suffered a brain injury.  Our no win no fee solicitors will need to work closely with the family of the injured person and carry out home or hospital visits. Accident claim solicitors make every effort to empathise with you and explain everything to you in a simple manner.

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