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Female RAF Members Receive Deserved Compensation for Spinal Injuries

It has been reported in a BBC article recently that three female members of the RAF have won a compensation claim against their employer as a case of failure to account for the differences in male and female form resulted in the women suffering injuries whilst marching as instructed.


The three women were reportedly made to parade alongside their male colleagues, at the same pace, which eventually led to their repeated over-stride causing significant spinal and pelvic injuries.

The case was settled in court this week, with the women receiving £100,000 each from the Ministry of Defence to compensate for their long term injuries, which inevitably could have been avoided if they were provided with appropriate training regimes.

As a result of the case, the MoD are now restructuring the way in which they undertake recruitment procedures, to ensure no risk to health is posed. But like many similar situations, this is too late for those who have already suffered.

The receipt of compensation for the three women has been a long process, during which they were accused of exaggerating their injuries.  The five year battle has now ended in a positive result for the victims however, and their compensation reflects the loss of earnings they have occurred due to their injuries, as well as the losses they are expected to make in the next few years, as their injuries continue to prevent them from carrying out work within the RAF.

The findings of the case were that the women should not have extended their strides whilst parading to beyond 27in; however they were forced to march with a stride of 30in to keep up with their male counterparts. Over a training period of several weeks, this repeated strain caused severe pain and lasting injuries. One of the women was found to have suffered four separate pelvic fractures, which left her unable to walk without crutches for some time as well as suffering from “unbearable” pain.

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