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What to avoid when appointing a representative to deal with your personal injury claim.

No Middleman

Avoid using a firm who are not directly personal injury solicitors or personal injury lawyers because then this will ensure that you achieve that maximum compensation that is available to you. Beware of accident claims companies as they will get their fees from you and this will reduce your compensation amount. Here at Accident Claim Solicitors you speak to our no win no fee solicitors directly and not to any middle men or accident claims companies.


Not No Win No Fee

Stay away from accident claims solicitors anyone who will charge you even if the case is lost.  If a claim is successful, then the majority of your accident claims solicitor’s fees will be recovered from the other side’s insurers and you may need to make a contribution from your compensation, but this will be a percentage previously agreed with you. So do not get yourself into a situation where you could be liable to costs even when you have not won anything.

Upfront Fees

Make sure that the personal injury solicitors with your claim do not charge you any upfront fees because there is no need to.


Here at Accident Claim Solicitors we have specialist personal injury solicitors who are experts in dealing with personal injury and accident claims. This ensures that you have maximum chance of being successful in your claim. They operate on a NO WIN NO FEE basis and all our fees are outlined from the start. 


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